As a witness to some of life’s most intimate and cherished experiences, Darren sees his primary role as a story teller, an artist in search of genuine reflections of our connection to one another. In every story he documents, he seeks to capture the universal, tender truth that is found within candid moments.

His time documenting stories across the world as a photojournalist has greatly influenced how he approaches wedding photography, as have his collective interests and experiences. Away from the lens, he's a boat captain, a meditator and a student always in search of learning more. A best friend and a new dad. A believer in the power of compassion and the fundamental goodness in all beings. An avid skier and adventure seeker who enjoys getting off the beaten path and exploring as much as he enjoys the stillness of a week at home.  

Darren has documented gatherings of all kinds around the globe with some of the leading event planners and alongside a diverse and talented team who all share in a commitment to excellence and upholding their core value of treating all with dignity and kindness. 

Darren's work as a storyteller has led him around the world both on assignment and in pursuit of his personal aspiration to connect with and learn from all people and places.  His photojournalism and documentary work has been published in a variety of the world's most recognized publications.  

Darren's projects focus primarily on in-depth narratives and also stories which highlight issues surrounding vulnerable populations of people.  His most recent project has been a long term story about a gang intervention and reintegration program in Casco Viejo, Panama, spotlighting alternative methods to incarceration for at-risk youth.  

In addition to photography, Darren is a co-founder of Innerspace Wellbeing, a project focused on bringing meditation and other contemplative practices to offices, schools, community centers and individuals.

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Katia Repina brings to the studio her extensive and world renowned talent as a documentary photographer and cinematographer. Her documentary work has been published in a variety of international media including The New York Times, TIME, The Washington Post, Vogue, Daily Mail, and Dazed and Confused Magazine. Ms. Repina was recently recognized by Artpil as one of the “30 female photographers under 30”.

A master of the candid moment, Katia approaches weddings through the unique combination of her documentary, editorial, and portrait photography styles. Please contact the studio to see a private gallery of Katia's work.

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