Having photographed hundreds of unique weddings across the world, I’ve mastered the careful planning and structure that are essential ingredients to a successful photographic process. While this precise preparation is key, the images that are most cherished and stand the test of time are often the more subtle, spontaneous and unexpected moments that happen between it all. Approaching the day as photojournalists, my team is always ready for the unexpected and sensitively searching for the beauty in intimate and candid moments that arise within the fluidity of the day.

No two weddings are ever the same. But what binds all weddings together and what makes them so sacred across all cultures and traditions is that the union of two people brings together family and friends from all over the world in a celebration and aspiration of deeper love.   I always feel a renewed sense of joy every time I am given in trust the responsibility of capturing a day so rich with the full spectrum of emotions. 


To be a HUMBLE witness, to capture genuine moments, to tell each unique story and its many layers in a creative and authentic way.   

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One of my main aspirations is that those we work with feel a deep presence and connection to all of their family and guests on their wedding day. I see the artistic process as an aspect of the day that can help in support of this.


I take to heart the responsibility of thoroughly capturing the day and it’s many layers with genuine enthusiasm and care. My entire team strives to bring the highest quality, integrity, humility, craftsmanship, and kindness to the process and all the services we provide. I hope to be a gentle presence and trusted source of ease and guidance leading up to your wedding and also during a day that is full of so much joy but also has a lot of moving pieces.  

While these are the founding principles that guide the services, every wedding brings its own uniqueness. Let’s connect and discuss the details about your day and how we can work together to fulfill a shared vision. I’m happy to help anyway I can.

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